• High-resistance electrostatic white paint finish, aluminium colour
    • Extruded aluminium construction
    • Removable central panel
    • Deflection 0, 15, 30 degrees
    • Horizontal blades (standard)
    • Available: L-BG = Continuous linear bar grid wall system without damper L-BG-OB = Continuous linear bar grid system with damper opposite blades L-BG-90H = horizontal corner post 90 degrees L-BG-90V = 90 degree vertical corner post L-BG-C = central element of the linear bar grid (without frame) L-BGF =Continuous linear bar grid continuous system for floor without damper
    • For intermittent measurements use price of the nearest higher measurement
    • Increment by 30% for vertical corner 90 degree post L-BG-90V 9. Optional damper opposing blades L-OB – (book 10 page 3)



For different sizes and coating consult factory representative When the coating is “S” (another color) paint manufacturer reference number is required or by supplying a paint sample For L-BG-90H and L-BG-90V corner posts the measurement of the length is always twelve inches ( A = 12″) and B is the height.

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