• Bar grill type linear ventilation grille for installation in ceilings or interior drywall walls, manufactured in widths up to 16″ and unlimited length.
  • Its versatility allows you to make linear, L-shaped, C-shaped or square-shaped arrangements regardless of length.
  • Final finish in high-resistance electrostatic white paint or aluminum color.
  • Constructed of extruded aluminum.
  • Optional 26 gauge galvanized sheet plenum with expanded polyethylene foam insulation.
  • It can be used for injection or extraction of forced or passive air, the slats can have deflection of 0º and 15º. The central panel is removable for easy assembly or maintenance.
  • Removable central panel.
  • Horizontal Fins (standard).
  • Available: L-BG = linear grating continuous wall system without damper.
  • L-BG-OB = linear grating continuous system with opposite fin damper.
  • L-BG-90H = 90 degree horizontal corner.
  • L-BG-90V = 90 degree vertical corner.
  • L-BG-C = central element of the linear grid (without frame).
  • L-BGF = linear grating continuous system for floor without damper.
  • Increase 30% for vertical corner 90 degrees L-BG-90V.
  • Optional opposite fin damper L-OB.
  • Its architectural design allows it to be used in elegant, industrial, commercial, institutional and residential spaces.


For different sizes and finishes, consult the factory.

When the finish is “S” (another color), the paint manufacturer’s reference number or a color sample is required.

For the L-BG-90H and L-BG-90V corner pieces the length measurement is always twelve inches (A = 12”) and B is the height.

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