• Constructed of galvanized steel sheet.
  • Tripping fuse at 165 degrees F meets UL standard.
  • Mounting Types: L-FDV = Vertical Mount (Standard) – L-FDH = Horizontal Mount.
  • Types of Mechanisms. G = Gravity Release Mechanism (Standard) Available for L-FDV vertical mounting only. R = Trigger mechanism with flat spring in stainless steel
  • Available for vertical L-FDV and horizontal L-FDH mounting.
  • Frame Types: 1: the measurement of the duct = the measurement of the outer frame of the gate (Standard). 2: the measure of the duct = the measure of the free area of the gate
  • Additional Pricing Information:
  • Increase 26% for trigger mechanism with flat spring in stainless steel R.
  • For different sizes and finishes consult the factory.
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