L-RA-AG-TB = T-Bar aluminium lay-in return air grille

without damper

L-RA-AG-OB-TB = Aluminium egg crate return air grille

with T-Bar and opposed damper blades

L-RA-P-TB = Perforated return air grille and T-Bar without damper

1. TB = Modular for ceiling installations with external frame dimensions of 24″ x 24″.

2. Final finish in high quality electrostatic white paint.

3. Extruded Aluminum construction

4. Standard AG aluminium bucket

5. For different sizes and finishes consult factory representative for details.


For different sizes and finishes consult factory representative for details

The fibreglass plenum box (FB) is optional only when the measurement is 24″ x 24″

When the coating is “S” (another color) paint manufacturer reference number is required or by supplying a paint sample

With the Fiberglass Plenum (FB), it is not possible to install the opposed blade damper L-OB.

Optional damper to be installed in the plenum:

(must be ordered as a stand-alone product)

L-CD = Round Damper with single blade and neck

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