• L-RF-OB-PLT = fixed fin filter holder return grille with PLT with opposite fin damper.
  • PLT gratings can be manufactured in sizes up to 18″ x 18″.
  • Add the value of the selected L-RF-OB or L-RF to the PLT.
  • PLT = add-on panel for ceiling installations exterior frame size 24” x 24” Nominal.
  • Final finish in highly resistant electrostatic white paint.
  • Available in:L-PLTS = Steel complement panel.L-PLTA = Aluminum complement panel.
  • For different sizes and finishes, consult the factory.


For different sizes and finishes, consult the factory. When the finish is “S” (another color), the paint manufacturer’s reference number or a color sample is required.

Optional damper to install in the plenum:

  • L-CD = Round damper with a fin with a neck.
  • L-C = Metal collar.
  • L-D2 = Round butterfly damper with two fins with neck.
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