• Ceiling diffuser with removable central element and opposing fin damper
  • Final finish in high-resistance electrostatic white paint or aluminum color
  • Constructed of extruded aluminum
  • Available in 1,2,3,4 ways
  • Dimensions multiples of 3” from 6″
  • Damper actuator by Lever (P) or by Pinion (G)
  • Available with: L-AVF-OB = Flat Frame (Standard) / L-AVS-OB = Off-hook Frame
  • The measurement is Width by Height (A X B)


For different sizes and finishes, consult the factory.

When the finish is “S” (another color), the paint manufacturer’s reference number or a color sample is required.

It is recommended for sizes larger than 24″x24″ for the security chain.

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