¡ NOW IN AMAZON USA ! GRILLES AND DIFFUSERS AT A CLICK Find the best references of our products with Laminaire quality ¡ Coming soon ! Laminaire selection software Attentive because we are in the development of NEW SOFTWARE, which will help you to easily and efficiently select the grilles and diffusers for all your projects. We are Colombian manufacturers
of GRILLESS - DIFFUSERS and products
for ventilation and HVAC
We have more than 35 years in the national and international market See products
We make custom
architectural panels for your projects
More information We design our panels with fine details and finishes, we apply the patterns, colors and textures that you want. We use aluminum, galvanized sheet and stainless steel.
It is a modern device that allows purifying
the air in closed spaces
Oxidative Treatment Unit More information Improves the air quality emitted by air conditioning units, eliminating up to 97% of bacteria, viruses, fungi and volatile organic compounds.

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Laminaire S.A.S is a Colombian company that was created in 1984, initially as a manufacturer of grids, diffusers, and accessories for the HVAC market (heating, ventilation, air conditioning).

Over time, we have developed aluminum imported products for fronts, solar control, ceilings and bioclimatic applications with functional, standard and custom architectural designs.

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